December staff meeting


Time flies by like a fleeting moment. In the last month of 2023, we ushered in the monthly staff meeting in December. 

The meeting was divided into two parts: 1. Summary of the work of each department this month and work plan for next month; 

2. Monthly star award.



Summary of each department

      At the meeting, the heads of each department made a wonderful summary of the work in November and looked 

forward to the work plan for December. General Manager Wu said: In the blink of an eye, there is only one month left 

in 2023. December is a crucial month for us. I hope everyone can seize the last time, don’t slack off, don’t shrink back, 

cherish it more, redouble your efforts, and sprint to the end of the year together. Performance goals, and win the final battle in 2023.


Monthly Star Awards

     The company congratulated the family members who performed well in November: Wang Gang and Xiang Yushun 

of the manufacturing center, and Li Yuxia of the marketing center, and issued certificates of honor and product rewards. 

Congratulations to these dear and lovely colleagues, and I hope they will continue their efforts and make more contributions in the new January.

     A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the vast ocean is accumulated with drops of water. 

Success is achieved step by step. I believe we can achieve our annual goals. In the last month of 2023, let us ride the 

wind and waves and move towards a more brilliant future together, bringing a perfect end to 2023.


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