Safety can be practiced, life cannot be rehearsed - Grandglow company organizes employees to conduct evacuation and fire extinguishing plan drills


Safety can be practiced, life cannot be rehearsed! In order to further understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improve 

safety awareness, learn the use of relevant fire equipment, enhance self-protection ability, and master the skills of emergency 

response and evacuation, our company organized a practical fire drill for all employees on November 24, 2023.

To ensure the safe and orderly conduct of drill activities and achieve practical results, before the start of the drill, we will start 

explaining basic knowledge, drill content, evacuation routes, safety measures, and other aspects.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, a rapid fire alarm signal sounded. Following the evacuation principle of "safety first, evacuate 

nearby", everyone fled in an orderly manner along the designated route and arrived at the designated safety zone.

Personnel evacuation drill

Water gun high-altitude firefighting


The purpose of this fire safety training is to enable employees to understand basic fire safety knowledge and master basic emergency 

evacuation skills. In addition, fire safety training can also enhance employees' awareness of fire safety, make them pay more attention 

to the company's fire safety situation, and actively participate in fire safety work.

Through this fire drill, the safety awareness and self rescue ability of all employees have been further enhanced, and the basic operations 

of emergency measures have been mastered. Prevent trouble before it ignites, we are taking action!


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