July Employee Conference: Promoting Production, Ensuring Quality, and Ensuring Safety


Entering the scorching and vibrant July, Grandglow people strive for self-improvement and turn the heat into sweat to bask in their work positions. In this passionate and energetic July, we will embark on a summer engagement together to open a new chapter in the second half of 2023. picture


At the conference, the heads of each department made a brilliant summary of their work for June and set goals and prospects for the July work plan. At the same time, Vice General Manager Wu gave full recognition to every Hongguang person who persevered in their position and emphasized that due to the scorching summer heat, the working environment temperature in some positions is too high. Colleagues are requested to take measures to prevent heatstroke and cool down. If they feel unwell, they should inform the team leaders in a timely manner to prevent personnel from heatstroke.

This conference is not only a monthly summary meeting, but also a commendation meeting. The company has issued honorary certificates and item rewards to employees who performed well in June: Li Chuanrong from the manufacturing center, Huang Xiurong, and Liu Xiangxiang from the marketing center. While they have gained, they must have put in arduous sweat. They are willing to give and silently contribute, striving to create collective and personal value. I hope that we can continue to maintain our original intention, give play to our own values, break through ourselves, and create a better future together with Hongguang.

The new sails have been raised, and the drums of progress have sounded again. The people of Hongguang are fearless of waves and storms, united and united, and will do their best to create new achievements.


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