June ,Safety Production Month


In order to welcome the 22nd National "Safety Production Month" and further strengthen safety publicity and supervision, eliminate safety hazards, and improve the ability of all employees to prevent accidents, our company organized the "2023 Safety Production Month Propaganda and Education Activity" on June 21.


At the meeting, Director Huang explained the potential safety hazards in work and life, how to eliminate them, and how to self rescue and escape in case of danger, especially providing very detailed explanations on fires, electrical injuries, and daily work-related injuries. Through this training and learning, employees are fully aware of the importance of safety.


At 11 o'clock in the morning, the fire warning bell suddenly sounded, and the members of the evacuation team immediately organized the workshop and office building employees to evacuate quickly. Everyone bent down according to the drill plan and requirements, quickly and orderly evacuated to the designated safe location. After the personnel gathered, Comrade Huang, the on-site commander, once again emphasized the importance of this emergency drill and promptly summarized and corrected the problems discovered during the escape drill. Some new employee representatives were selected to extinguish the open flames in the fire bucket according to the fire extinguisher usage manual.


Through this fire drill, the company's employees' awareness of prevention and self rescue ability have been further enhanced, and basic operations such as identifying hazards and taking necessary emergency measures have been understood and mastered, in order to achieve rapid, orderly, timely, and effective results in accidents. Prevention is better than disaster relief, and the responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. To eliminate the potential fire hazard, take precautions and take precautions, Hongguang people have been taking action.



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