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Welcome Development leaders to GRANDGLOW

Date:2021/5/17    Access:1860 Secondary

On the afternoon of May 14, Wu Zhiling, member of the Standing Committee of Huangshi Municipal Committee, secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Development Zone, secretary of the Tieshan District Committee, deputy director of the Administrative Committee, Shi Bin, deputy head of the Tieshan District Government, and the principal responsible persons of the relevant departments came to our investigation. General Manager Peng extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the Wu standing Committee. 

In the course of investigation, Peng introduced the company's product characteristics and current technical direction to Wu Changwei, and introduced the future development direction of the company. Wu standing Committee for Peng's general introduction expressed support. 

During the period, Wu Changwei also detailed understanding of the company's production and operation. Thrace Group will continue to carry out technical research on intelligent fire fighting systems and photovoltaic grid-connected inverters, product testing, expansion of the field, continuous improvement of product added value, enhance product market competitiveness. 

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