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Warmly welcome Vice Mayor Huang Jingguo and Li Wen Visiting our company

Date:2018-5-25    Access:647 Secondary

 On the morning of May 17, 2018,  Huang Jingguo, Vice Mayor of Huangshi City, and Vice Mayor Li Wen,  together with the leaders of the relevant departments of the city came to our company to understand the company's ability to work on scientific and technological innovation, and to provide some guidance.   Xie Jun, vice general manager of  our company led the Mayor and his team visited the company's exhibition hall and production workshop. The company introduced in detail the work and achievements of the company in terms of scientific and technological innovation in recent years, as well as the current production operations and sales of high-tech products. Vice Mayor Huang Jingguo fully affirmed the company's Photovoltaic inverter products and scientific and technological innovation capabilities. He encouraged us to adhere to the development path of “scientific and technological innovation, quality leadership” and make persistent efforts to achieve greater success in production and operation.
        We will always adhere to the concept of “Green Change of Life, Technology Leads Development”, and regard the manufacture of high-quality products and high-quality service users as the company's survival and development strategic goals. Under the strong support of national policies, we will continue to explore and innovate so that our company can achieve sustainable and healthy development. .

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