November Employee Conference | Working together to achieve new results


November is a season that is gradually getting colder and colder. The cold of late autumn gradually invades, and our hot hearts 

gather together, fearless of the cold. On November 14th, we also welcomed our November Employee Conference.

At the meeting, firstly, the heads of each department summarized and reported on the work in October and the plan for the work 

in November; Subsequently, General Manager Wu emphasized two points: 1. Be good at communication: each department of the 

company is independent, but also interconnected. If any department is not connected, it will lead to irreversible problems in 

subsequent work; 2. Strengthen product delivery time management and improve the timely delivery rate of orders. Ensure timely 

delivery of orders, improve production and manufacturing capabilities and overall efficiency, establish good customer relationships

 with customers, and provide them with a greatly improved experience.


This conference is not only a monthly summary meeting, but also a commendation meeting. The company has awarded honorary 

certificates and item rewards to employees who performed well in October: Manufacturing Center: Cheng Wensheng, Peng Ziqi, 

and Marketing Center: Huang Xiaowen. Congratulations on their outstanding achievements, and I also hope that in the new month, 

they will continue to strive and achieve better results.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Every step forward in the company is closely related to everyone's hard work, and efforts do 

not disappoint those who have a heart. Every step of the company's growth is integrated into the sweat of every family member's 

struggle. Carry on the past and open up the future, inherit the past and inspire the future, look forward to history, and create new 



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